Anatolian Eagle 2022

The Turkish ministry of defence allowed the group to attend the international "Anatolian Eagle exercise at Konya in Turkey on the 30 June 2022.
With the exercise now established at Konya (3rd air base of the Turkish Air Force). the well organised event was open to a certain number of Aviation enthuisiasts from around the world.




2 x Su-22


3 x  F-16


1 x E-3A


6 x F-16


Various (28+ x F-16, 2 x F-4, 1 x E-7T, 1 x AKINCI Combat UAV,

United Kingdom

4 x EuroFighter

E-3A "LX-N90456" from NAEW & C Force contingent of Aircraft operating from Konya during the Anatolian Eagle exercise 2022
Interesting element at the exercise was "PT-5" Akinci Combat UAV which is on trials with the Turkish Air Force
"13-002" E-7T from the home squadron 131 Filo based at Konya taxiing out for departure
Casa 235
"96-113/113" Casa 235-100 from 135 Filo again based at Konya being towed during the exercise to a Hanger location
F-16 151 Filo
"94-0088" F-16C Block 50 from 151 Filo based at Herzifon in the North of Turkey. 
"R10-002" IL-78MP a welcome visitor to Konya from 10 Sqn of the Pakistan Air Force as a support aircraft
F-4 x2
"73-1023 & 77-0288" F-4E-2020 both from 111 Filo sporting special tail markings were present for the exercise.
113 Filo
"89-0042" F-16D-40 113 Filo from Eskisehir in the West of Turkey - The exercise hosted many F-16 varients from a multitude of Turkish Squadrons
Turkish Star
"3072/6" NF-5A of the Turkish Stars was being towed during the exercise
"09 / Blue" SU-25BM from the Azerbaijan Air Force which participated with two examples from the country on the exercise
181 Filo
"07-1017" F-16D- 50+ of 181 Filo based at Diyarbakir in the East of Turkey
F-16B Jordan
"134" F-16BM 1 Sqn of the Jordanian Air Force another country participating in the international exercise.
"94-1560" F-16D - 50CF of 191 Filo based at Balıkesir in the West of Turkey 
F-16 Pakistan
"90617" F-16BM MLU of 11 Sqn (ARROWS) Pakistani Air Force again participating in the Anatolian Eagle exercise.
"85728" F-16AM MLU operating with 11 Sqn of the Pakistan Air Force
"33 / Blue" The other participating SU-25BM from Azerbaijan taxiing out for a sorti during the exercise.
"ZK437/437" Typhoon FGR-4 of 3 Sqn of the Royal Air Force another participating Country of the exercise.
132 Filo
"94-0092" F-16C-50CF from 132 Filo arriving back after a sortie. One of the home squadrons to Konya
Thanks to:
The Commanding Officer and personnel of Konya Air Station.
Turkish Ministry of Defence