On the 11th October 2022, four members travelled to Southern Ireland to participate in a tour at Baldonnel hosts of the Irish Air Corp. The tour was conducted with Captain Neil Dunne and Lieutenant Cayman Roe from the IAC Press and Public relations division at Casement Aerodrome.
Below the Irish Tricolor - Bratach na hÉireann is raised at Baldonnel/Casement Aerodrome.
Irish Flag

PC-9M "264" from the FTS in 100 anniversary markings carrying out final checks before a local sortie.

"272" EC-135-T2 from the Garda air support unit preparairing for a hoover taxi to the departure runway. 
"270" EC-135-P2 prepairing for a sortie from 302 Sqn Army support Squadron  based at Baldonnel
AW-139 "279" of 301 Sqn based at Baldonnel - here equiped with skid's to the main undercarriage 
Another PC-9M "263" being towed to the flightline at Baldonnel, this example devoid of any anniversary markings
"280" PC-12 47E seen here at the RIAT at Fairford of 104 Sqn - due to their current operational role, photo opportunities during the visit were limited  by the Irish Air Corp - but the other three of their examples were visually seen
"260" PC-9M in the FTS Hanger again adorned with 100th anniversary markings.
Under wing Gun Pod 
We were shown some of the weapon equipment used on the PC-9M like this under wing cannon, this can be used for Close Air Support in conjunction with infantry elements
In addition an Air to ground rocket system again used on the PC-9M via a under wing launch system.
"271" EC-135-P2 of 301 Sqn Army Air Support having routine maintenance.
"275" AW-139 from 301 Sqn of the IAC
"258" Learjet 45-234 on routine maintenance in the large fix-wing hanger at Baldonnel - NOTE the jack in place of the front nose wheel
Casa 235 
"253" Casa 235-100 MPA was the only example present during our visit - Our guide explained that the Irish Air Corp are expecting two further aircraft (Casa 295 examples) in early 2023
"256" EC-135-T1 of the GARDA Air Support Unit noted during our visit
"208" Cessna FR-172H Rocket formally part of the IAC now with drawn from service and with the Museum at Baldonnel.
"AB354" A "Mock-up" of a Spitfire is also in the IAC Museum - with "215" Magister CM-170R WFU in the background
Thanks to:
Irish Air Corp
Captain Neil Dunne and Lieutenant Cayman Roe for being our Escorts for the visit