HAF - Kalamata

On the 03/04/2019 a visit was arranged via the Hellenic Air Force/British Embassy in Athens and 120 Air Traing Wing  to view and photograph aircraft from the units stationed at Kalamata.

Our guide for the day placed us at the end of runway 17 at Kalamata for photographic oppertunities. It was explained to us that a certain amount of servicable aircraft would be operational during the day, carrying out local sorties. These aircraft would be from a pool of serviceable aircraft on the station.

We then were invited to attend the OPS building and the maintenance hangers for some more photography oppertunities.

The rest of the day was spent close to the Air Traffic control building using the elavated section. Then finally we were escorted to the main gate to photograph the Gate Guards and meet the Base Commander.

120 PEA

120 PEA

361 362 363 364
361 MIRA 362 MIRA 363 MIRA 364 MIRA
First of the Gate Guards at Kalamata "35786" T-33A
Second of the three Gate Guards at Kalamata "051" T-37B
Final Aircraft previously operated at Kalamata "12502/TE-502" T-37B now preserved at the main gate
T-6A "020" returning back after a sortie
T-2 Buckeye 
"158889/889" T-2C Buckeye from 362/363 Mira part of the 120 Air Training Wing at Kalamata 
T-6A 040 
T-6A "040" on take off from Kalamata on runway 17
"158904/904" T-2C Buckeye taxiing to await take off.
T-6A Texan 
"033" T-6A Texan II - NOTE none of the aircraft present wore squadron markings, to identify which unit flew which aircraft.
T-2C Buckeye 
"158904/904" T-2C Buckeye again void of squadron markings as the aircraft are pulled from servicable aircraft on the day.

T-6A Texan 
"002" T-6A Texan II second example to be delivered to the Hellenic Air Force
T-2 Buckeye 
"157043/043" in the climb from runway 17 at Kalamata
T-6A Texan 
"031" T-6A Texan II back taxiing from another sortie.
"023" T-6A Texan II wearing the "Daedulus Demo team badge on the tail"
T-6 Special 
Specially marked "037" T-6A in 50th anniversary markings for 361 MEA on maintenance
"001" The first T-6A Texan II of the Hellenic Air Force in deep maintenance
AB-205A "4398" on 358 Mira Detatchment SAR duties at Kalamata

Thanks to:
The Commanding Officer Brig Gen Christos Petalas, Lt Col Manolis Kampanarakis including personnel of 120 Air Training Wing, Kalamata. Hellenic air Force,
Mrs Caroline Makropoulos, Defence section, British Embassy Athens