Iniochos 2022

Andravida AFB - 31st March 2022

Iniochos 2020


The "Iniochos 2022" multinational aviation exercise, Which took place from Monday the 28th of March 2022 until Friday 08th of April, 2022, at Andravida Air Base - home of 338 MDV & 117 PM SMET / 117 PM and SOT / KEA, located on the Southern Peloponnese of Greece. With two days during the exercise being allocated for Aviation enthusisiasts and Photographers on the 28th and 31st March 2022.
Various coutries including, the Hellenic Army, Navy and Air Force, USAF, France, Slovenian, Italy, Cyprus and the Israeli Defence Force all participated with a multitude of assets during the detailed period.
The purpose of the exercise was to use mutiple complex aviation missions with a multinational force for land targets, enemy air defence and CSAR operations in a hostile enviroment.


F-16C "130" from 111 CW (330 Mira) taxiing for take off at Andravida on one of the first morning sorties.


"569" Gulfstream 550 of the Israeli Defence Force (122 Sqn) returning in damp conditions from a morning sortie. 


"528" F-16C from 110CW 337 Mira at Larisa (Note the ghost squadrom marking on the tail) taking off for a morning sortie


F-16C "520" from another Greek squadron 115 PM 340 Mira based at Souda on the island of Crete.


Home based F-4E "01507" from 117 CW - 338MDV at Andravida deploying its chute on landing

Mirage 2000-5EG

Mirage 2000-5EG "552" another aircraft used by the Hellenic Air Force this one from 114 PM - 331 Mira based at Tanagra

Tornado Italy

Italian participant "MM7075/6-07" Tornado ECR from 6 Stormo based at Ghedi in Italy  

PC-9M Slovenia

Another first timer to "Iniochos" exercise is the PC-9M from the Slovenian Air Force "L9-64/64" from Letalska Sola

Mirage 2000-5BG

"509" Mirage 2000-5BG from the 114 PM - 331 Mira taxiing out to take off at Andravida.


"Thumbs up" F-16C "061" from 111PM - 347 Mira based at Nea Anchialos

F-4E - 01507

"01507" 338 MDV -  F-4E taxing back to the HAS area after a morning sortie


F-16D "615" from 343 Mira - 115 PM based at Souda on the island of Crete - Serial difficult to clarify because of Agean paint on aircraft.
Gulfstream 550
Israeli "569" Gulfstream 550 taxing back to it's parking location after a sortie
F-16C "524" again from 337 Mira of the Hellenic air Force
F-16I "869" from 201 Sqn of the Israeli Defence Force from Ramon in Israel, taxing out for an afternoon sortie
"482" F-16I of the Israel Defence force 253 Sqn again from Ramon in Israel
F-15E 492
"97-0221" Commanders aircraft of the "492 FS" based at Lakenheath in the UK - callsign "BOLAR"
"701"AW-139 of the Cyprus Air Force was conducting SAR and CSAR missions for the exercise

The "Iniochos 2019" exercise, saw approx 60+ aircraft from seven countries including Greece, United States of America, Sovenia, Cyprus, Italy and the state of Israel.
The host country Greece supplying at least four aircraft from each fast jet squadron, which included F-4, F-16, Rafale and Mirage 2000 aircraft. With Israel contributing with x11 (F-16I) aircraft and Italy contributing with 6x (Tornado).

Aircraft Country Squadron Number
F-15E USAF 492 FS 12 x
Tornado ECR/IDS Italy 6 Stormo 6 x
PC-9M Slovenia LETS 2 x
F-16C/D Israel 5 x 253 Sqn
6 x 201 Sqn
11 x
Gulfstream G550 Israel 122 Sqn 1 x
AW-139 Cyprus 460 MED 1 x
Various Greece Various 30+

Thanks to:
The Commanding Officer and personnel of 117 CW of Andravida Air Station.
Hellenic Air Force spokesman - Lt Colonel (P) Ioannis Tsitoumis.
Mrs Caroline Makropoulos, Defence section, British Embassy Athens