On the 02/04/2019 a visit was arranged via the Hellenic Air Force/British Embassy in Athens and 112 Combat Wing  to view and photograph aircraft from the units stationed at Elefsina.

The day was scheduled as a down day so the flying oppertunities were limited. But our guide for the day explained some aircraft types would be visible on the airfield and limited access was possible into the hangers of certain squadrons and stored aircraft located on the station.

After viewing various stored and withdrawn from use aircraft we were finally taken to the Heritage Park to photograph various preserved aircraft from the Hellenic air Force.

112 CW

112 CW

352 354 355 356 384
352 Mira 354 Mira 355 Mira 356 Mira 383 MED
T-33A "54951/TR-951"Preserved at the Heritage Park next to the Main Gate
"2137" YS-11 A-220 Again preserved at the Heritage Park+
TF-102A "62326" One of a pair preserved in the Heritage Park at the Main Gate
CL-215-II "1041" from 355 Mira back after an early morning sortie
CL-215 Maintenance
"1039" CL-215-II from 355 Mira under Rework/Maintenance in 355 Mira service hanger
"741" C-130H Except for the Greek roundal and the registration on the tail - "ELEFSIS" is higlited on the tip
"752" C-130H Payload full waiting for the crew to depart on a sortie.
C-130H "741" of 356 Mira based at Elefsina
Super Puma AS.332
"2787" Super Puma AS.332 C1 under maintenance with 384 MED.
AB-205 A-1
"4399" AB-205A-1 from 358 MED of the Hellenic Air Force
"4396/4445" A pair of AB-205A-1 Stored cab's in maintenance hanger of 358/384 MED
Super Puma
"2618" AS-332 C-1 Super Puma from 384 MED under maintenance
Super Puma Winch
"2787" Super Puma AS-332 C1 from 384 MED fitted with an external Winch system for SAR Duties
Gulfstream 5
"678" Gulfstream V from 352 MMYP for VIP duties
"4121" C-27J from 354 MTM based at Elefsis 
ERJ-145 AEW "729" from 380 Mira ASEPE squadron which is named "URANOS - (Sky)"
"517203/203" HU-16B Albatross One of the many aircraft preserved at Elefsis - This one close to 353 Mira buildings
"1060" CL-215-III specially marked for 355 Mira from Elefsis
YS-11A-220 "2143" stored/withdrawn from use at Elefsis.
"152747" P-3B LW engineless of the Hellenic Navy stored/withdrawn from use at Elefsis
Do-28 D-2 "4086" dumped/stored at Elefsis - Ex 355 HTM withdrawn from use.
HU-16B "510044" Withdrawn from use Ex 353 Mira. One of a number stored at Elefsis

Thanks to:
The Commanding Officer/Security Officer and personnel of 112 Combat Wing, Elefsis. Hellenic air Force
Mrs Caroline Makropoulos, Defence section, British Embassy Athens