NATO Tiger Meet 2019

The Annual NATO Tiger Meet "NTM" - Was held at Mont De Marsan in France home of EC 3/30. An event was held for Aviation photographers/Enthuisiasts on the 17/05/2019 to view and photograph the participants during the exercise.  

NTM 2019
Specially marked "3476/GAB" SA.342M Gazelle from 3 RHC of the French Army on a very wet Tiger Meet spotters day

Italian Eurofighter
High speed taxi to the threshold of the main runway MM7322/36-40 from 36 STORMO of the Italian Air Force based at Gioia del Colle in Southern Italy.
Aircraft participated from the following countries/squadrons at the event .
Aircraft Country Squadron
F-16A/B MLU Netherlands (V) 313 Sqn
Rafale C/B France EC 30
Mirage 2000D France EC 30
EF-2000 Typhoon Germany (V) TLG 74
EF-2000 Typhoon Italy 36 Stormo
Tornado ECR/IDS Germany TLG 51
F-16A/B MLU Belgium 31 Squadron
F-16A/B MLU Portugal Esq 301
SAAB 105öe Austria 1 JTS
Gazelle SA-342M France 3 EHRA
Merlin MK-2 United Kingdom 814 NAS
Puma HC-2 United Kingdom 230 Squadron
HH-212 Italy 21 Gruppo
Learjet Germany GFD
Alpha Jet France EC-8
EC-665 Tigre HAP France 5 RHC
V = Indicates visitors only
"C.15-37/15-24" A Spanish EF-18M from ALA-15 - sporting Tiger markings on the external fuel tanks
Rafale EC-30
"DARK TIGER - 135/30-GN" Rafale C in special markings for the squadron hosting the NATO Tiger Meet in 2019 
Rafale B 
"306/30-IB" Rafale B from the host squadron at Mont de Marsan EC- 01.030
F-16A Portugal
"15104" F-16AM of the Portuguese Air Force crewed by ESQ 301 in unfamiliar weather conditions during the exercise. 
One of the specially marked aircraft "43+25" Tornado IDS of TLG-51 from Schleswig Jagel in Northern Germany
Mirage 2000D
 Sporting a specially marked Tiger Tail "617/3-IS" Mirage 2000D wearing an EC-3 code normally associated with Nancy in Northern France
F-16A Portugal
Specially marked "15105" F-16AM from ESQ 301 of the Portuguese Air Force celebrating 50 years of the squadron.
TBM 700
  "35/BW" TBM-700 from the French Air Force operated by DGA-EV at Cazaux in France.
SAAB 105
"1125/RE-25" Specially marked SAAB 105öe of the Austrian Air Force
EC-8 Alpha Jet
"E138/8-RQ" Alpha Jet of the French Air Force from EC-8 based at Cazaux in the South West of France  
F-16AM 31 SQN
F-16AM in special markings from 31 Sqn of the Belgium Air Force
EF-18M ALA15
 EF-18B "CE.15-07/15-76" of ALA15 based at Zaragosa in Northern Spain
Thanks to:
The French Air Force
EC-30 for the organisation of the event
NATO Tiger Association - For arranging allowing access to this event